From Today, April 3rd, all those gamers owning an Amazon Fire Tv will be able to play Striker Soccer Euro 2012, the successful game already available for iOS and Android.
From Today, April 3rd, all those gamers owning an Amazon Fire Tv will be able to play Striker Soccer Euro 2012, the successful game already available for iOS and Android.

Amazon presents today the new Amazon Fire TV to engage new audiences by bringing the existing apps and games to the living room!
The goal is to pay less but play more.

As developpers we support new devices and that is why we take our game Striker Soccer Euro to the next level with the new Amazon Fire Tv, it is the best way to enjoy our game in the big screen. Striker Soccer Euro is the only soccer game available right now in the new device:

Feel the real football and enjoy Striker Soccer Euro in family. Set up the new Amazon Fire Tv and you will be playing great football in your living room.
Hi Strikers!

We got good news from the development team of the new Striker Manager, and today we are glad to announce that next Wednesday May 14th the new Striker Manager version of the game will be opened for all users!

Among many innovations you already know, like the new simulator, the sport city, the new design... today we would like to point out some main aspects of various functions of the new game and clarify some points regarding the coexistence between the two versions:

1- URL CHANGE: From Wednesday May 14th, URL will redirect you automatically to the NEW VERSION of the game. If you want to continue playing the classic version, you only have to click on the tab CLASSIC STRIKER that will link you to the home page.

You can also use the direct links available for the different servers: (Spanish version) (International version) (Brazilian version)

2- USERNAME: If you want to KEEP your username in the new version, you can do it. You can access directly from the LOG IN screen. Those who want CHANGE will have to create a NEW user account.

3- GOLDEN BALLS AND MANAGER PACK: To have the accumulated GOLDEN BALLS in the new version you MUST log in with the same user with which you bought the golden balls. With the PACK MANAGER is exactly the same. You will have the time remaining of your pack manager from classic Striker in the new version.

The deadline to purchase golden balls and have them in the new version is tomorrow, Tuesday May 13th at 23:59:59h.

4- SERVERS: This new version will ONLY have 2 separated servers:

- Spanish server (with Spanish as official language)
- International server (with English as official language). Those users who usually access through UK/PT server, now you can do it through the new “INTERNATIONAL SERVER”.

5- GET STARTED: As it is the beta-final version we will all start from zero. Nothing from alpha version will be imported to this version. Once you have registered, you will have to complete the tutorial. We will update this version as necessary to fix the bugs and improve the gameplay.
oboka, 5 february 2014, 12:05
We welcome you to the new version of Striker Manager. Firstly we would like to thank you for the patience you have demonstrated during the development of this project. As you can see there are still many sections locked, though the vast majority of features are ready, we prefer to implement each option progressively in order to have the time for further testing.

The first change and perhaps the most obvious feature of the game is its look and design, much more modern and carefully designed keeping up with the times. We paid special attention to usability. So we have tried to repeat usage patterns through the different sections, and thus contribute to self-explanatory and easy game system. The new 3D display of matches makes them more attractive, help us to interpret the tactics and give more realism to the whole game. Although this still needs to be improved you will really appreciate the advantages of this system.

The second major change is the complete adaptation to smartphones devices. We have prepared everything in the game to be compatible with touch screens and soon we will launch the app for iOS and Android that Striker Manager deserves.

It will probably be the most complete football manager ever developed for mobiles which development presented a huge challenge for our team. Users from the web version will be able to use the application to manage at any time their team. However, as our goal is to reach millions of users who do not know the game, and probably will have their first contact with the Striker Manager universe through their mobile phone or tablet, we do not want the application to be merely an extension of the desktop version but a complete and independent application.

The third feature and the most significant is a change in the overall philosophy of the product. After some discussion we believe that Striker must evolve towards a more autonomous model, without the necessity to have “police surveillance” in every corner of the game. If our bid, -which is great, we keep fingers crossed to get the success expected- succeeds, this means the entry of tens of thousands of new users. Keeping the actual mechanics would be impossible to control the game. Therefore we will implement a series of fairly profound changes - but trying to keep the original spirit of the game- in the gameplay which will be detailed as they arrive.

Below we list the main changes you will find in the New Striker Manager:

  • Firstly, the servers will have a limited capacity, up to sixth division maximum. We will open up new servers as necessary to admit all the users. This change will greatly facilitate maintenance tasks, but at the same time will keep the fun. A dynamic opening of new servers involves two important advantages: providing greater opportunities for new users, and allowing experimented users who are stuck in a position and want to restart with a new team from the very beginning.

  • Secondly, we will reduce the possibility of cheating at the minimum by changing the contract system deeply, avoiding the possibility of multi-accounts and money transferring between teams. The idea is that @s can devote only to moderate forums and chats or help and support new users. We want this Striker Manager to be a friendly and fun game for everyone, and not a Big Football Brother. Sanctions system is removed since there will be no possibility of cheating. In addition we will set profound changes in the “commandments” of the manager and in the list of what is considered punishable or not. Only we will kick a user out of the game for misconduct.

  • The third point is the return to the origins of Striker, with an approach more on the football aspects than in the buying and selling players as currently happens. As you know with a totally wild market like the current one, new users feel lost and it is too hard to enjoy the game, and they are forced to remain stuck in sixth division, unless they spend countless hours and money. Winning games has become an afterthought in the game; the objective in the current Striker is signing the best players and amassing a large fortune. With the new Striker Manager we come back to real football, tactics, trainings, well-thoughtful transfers and the building of sport center.

With all these changes we want to point out that this is a different game to which you are accustomed, though it is still “his cousin”. And we want you to understand, from the beginning, that the behavior in the game must be different. The @s will be there to help you as much as possible, but not to hear endless nonsense accusations.
For fans of the original Striker we keep the server as it is now. Although we will not add further improvements, we will keep fixing bugs and maintaining customer service. Anyway, the current match simulator will benefit from the changes and improvements implemented in the new simulator.
The travel continues with Train Crisis Christmas. Enjoy the new Christmas special edition of Train Crisis HD!

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The game supports the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.
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S3rgi, 27 june 2014, 13:23
The highly anticipated new version of the game will see the light at the beginning of the year.

When can I play the New Striker Manager?

From January 7th, we will send the beta version of the new Striker Manager to all users with Pack Manager. At this moment you will be able to join the beta version and discover the new features and interface of the game. Users without Pack Manager are going to access later.

In the new Striker Manager all users will begin from the very beginning, that is, you all will start with a new team and from the same division once the beta period is over.

What will happen to the Current Striker Manager?

The current Striker Manager will remain open for playing as usual. So there will be two separate online games in two different servers, one with the current Striker and another with the new Striker Manager. You can sign up in the new keeping your current username and password, then you can play both. Obviously, the current Striker Manager support and maintenance will continue as before.

What about the golden balls?

You can purchase golden balls in the current Striker Manager and use them to get advantages as before because the current server is not going to close.

To encourage you to try the new Striker manager, either in beta or when the final version comes out, all the golden balls purchased from this moment until the launch of the new Striker Manager will be accumulated in the new Striker Manager.
For example: If from now and during next months, you purchase 5,000 golden balls, when you sign up the new server you will get automatically the same amount you purchased in the current Striker. So you will have 5,000 golden balls to spend in the new version for free regardless of whether or not you've already spent them on current Striker Manager.

What about the Pack Manager?

The Pack Manager will be extended to the new version. If when the new Striker manager is launched, you already have, for example, three weeks of Pack Manager, this time will be automatically set in the new Striker Manager and you will be able to use the Pack on both servers at the same time. Once the Pack Manager expired in the current and the new Striker open, you will have to purchase the pack manager in each server individually if you want to enjoy it.

Can you wait until the new Striker Manager arrives on January? To alleviate the wait, here's a very interesting new video! Hope you enjoy it!

S3rgi, 10 october 2013, 15:02
Fill it out and put your two cents.
S3rgi, 3 october 2013, 15:55
Fill out it and put your two cents.
S3rgi, 10 october 2013, 12:28
Fill it out and put your two cents.
S3rgi, 20 september 2013, 13:41
Some of you ask us when it will become real. Others just want to see a bit more of it. We have been discussing if what is coming right now will calm you down or just the opposite. We'll take the risk :-)
Development is getting shape and, to show it off, we publish a video showing some in-game screens and how its interaction works. Keep in mind that there is still a lot of work to do but it will worth. Ready? You will like it...

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