Pack Manager users will be the first to test this new alpha version.
Hi Strikers!

After a long wait, we can finally announce that the alpha version of the new Striker Manager will open the next Tuesday, February 4th. Initially it had to be ready by the end of January, but with the aim of offering the best possible version, we decided to postpone the launch of the game a few more days.

We would like to point out that this first phase of the game is merely indicative, whose objective is to try some of the new features which are being implemented in the new version of Striker Manager. Therefore, in order to allow you to play and test all the new features of the game, everybody will have free golden balls during this first phase.


In this alpha version we present two important new features: the new "sports city" and new 3D simulator! For trying and testing the new simulator, we offer the possibility to arrange friendlies with your friends, or play with anyone using a new "automatic friendly" tool that will find you an opponent available at this moment.

We remind you that any progress (economy, free golden balls, team, buildings...) you get in this phase will be reset to the final version of Striker Manager. Likewise, we inform you that players averages in the alpha phase won’t be the same in the final version. We decide to put high average to get better testing results.

To reassure those users with pack manager and golden balls accumulated, all premium tools will be not used during this alpha release as well as the following beta versions. All your golden balls will be available and untouched in the final version of the new Striker Manager.

Here we detail the available options in this first phase. This list will be updated as we move forward with the development or when changing or improving tools after your feedback.

Screens and actions available on 04/02/2014:
- Hiring employees
- Building and upgrading buildings
- Squad
- Tactics
- Advanced Tactics
- Training
- Store
- Finances

We know that we still have much work ahead, but we are confident that the experience with the new Striker Manager will be very positive. So we need your collaboration. We invite you to send us any comments or impact on the game that you consider important through the forum.

This first alpha version will be available preferentially to those users that have the Pack Manager, the rest users will access later. Pack Manager users will receive a notification the day before the opening of the alpha phase with all the instructions to log in.

We hope you play and enjoy this new version of Striker Manager!


Av. Meridiana 350 7C
08027 Barcelona (Spain) - 00 34 93 309 02 69