Remove R
We've just implemented a small change regarding juniors.

We have set a new button called "remove R" that allows removing the (R) –re-signed- of juniors, if the user wants to. This service costs 10 Golden Balls for regular users. PackManager owners don't have to pay for it

With this change, we give you the option to set the hostile clause you want to your junior players, without having to put up for auction in direct purchase.
(This process was causing too many problems of "Junior stolen" by others who were to lie in wait for buying cheap junior players.

The new procedure to change the clause of a junior is the following:

A. – You promote the junior from the school to the junior team.
2. – You re-sign the junior as before, by setting the clause you want (for example, 5 million).
3. – You use the new button " remove R" .
4. - You can put up for auction / sell the player for 5 million (before the initial clause of juniors was very low and you could only sell the junior for a very low price).

Users, who play iBasketManager, know already this system because some time ago there was successfully implanted.


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