oboka, 3 may 2016, 12:25
Today is a bright day for those who are asking when the game will be launched. Unfortunately, we are not ready to announce an exact date yet. However, we have finished a first alpha version of the game this week, which means that it’s fewer days left for the game to be available on Steam.

For your information, this is the first version of the videogame which will be tested out of our offices by some external agents. Our feeling is as if our tot went to school for first time. Our baby bird is getting older and it will soon fly from its nest to your home. But before this happens, we must test it as much as needed to make the game close to perfection for its market release.

The alpha version we are speaking about is almost including the complete gameplay with the exception of some stages which still must be polished. It is containing 6 different houses, celebrity parties, business summits and console presentations, and many more surprises which we prefer not to unveil. Moreover, with this version you can also manage your own contact network, create your own channel and make it #1, employ collaborators, and build your own content firm.

To be honest with you, these days have been like a hard marathon for the team. We have been suffering long working days to finish the game as soon as possible and we have had the pressure for maintaining our high quality standards. It has been worth it. Graphics, gameplay, music… everything is set so you can have an unbeatable youtuber experience with this game.

We will keep updating this blog with news about the evolution of the game. Stay tuned to our website and social networks. ¡Very little time left to finish the game!


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