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Steam:   2018
iOs:   2012
Android:   2012



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Train Crisis is a puzzle strategy game in which you have to guide trains with a different color each towards their corresponding destination. The game is set in 4 distinct historical contexts such as the Industrial Revolution, the Far West, the Modern era and the Future. It contains 168 levels and it brights with stylized 3D visuals. Change the direction of the trains by changing junctions, timing traffic lights, avoiding traps in tunnels, collecting money from banks and blowing up barriers.


The game was the first of its kind to be developed by U-Play Online. With many years of experience in management games, creating Train Crisis was a complete different story compared to their previous projects. In this case, the studio gave birth to a pioneering gaming concept which soon captured the attention of gamers. Since it’s release on iOS and Android back in 2012, the game has become a hit with over 1M downloads worldwide on mobile platforms. In 2018 an enhanced version of the game will be published on Steam.


  • 168 levels containing challenging puzzles.
  • Go over the history of trains in 4 different eras: Industrial Revolution, Far West, Modernism and Future.
  • Stylized 3D environments.
  • Interact with the stages: change junctions, time traffic lights, avoid traps in tunnels, collect money from banks; blow up barriers… and much more!


Train Crisis for Steam - Out now! YouTube




About U-Play online

U-Play Online
U-Play Online is an independent video game studio based in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 2009 and staffed by videogames and sports lovers, U-Play Online focuses on creative projects that combine classic playability values (management, runner, puzzle...) with the best of online gaming. They are creators of the superhit Youtubers Life (Steam, iOS and Android), the first and best youtuber simulator available on any electro, reaching the top 100 best sellers on Steam in 2016. The studio has also developed franchises such as Striker Manager, Striker Soccer, Swipe Basketball and Train Crisis, among other titles, which have been enjoyed by more than 50M users worldwide on multiple platforms (PC, iOS and Android).

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Train Crisis Credits

Jordi Torras

Samuel Asín

Development Director
Quim Garrigós

Game Designers
Joel Servitja, Quim Garrigós

Quim Garrigós, Àlex Cabrera, Marc Fendández, Marc Guirao

2D Artist
Jordi Pla

3D Artist
Pau Illán

Sound Effects
Juan Carlos Barrios

Juan Carlos Barrios

QA Testers
Albert Asín, Guillem Lliboutry, Albert Rodríguez

Jordi Torras

Community Support
Albert Asín

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