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U-Play Online have found a cure for boredom

Is there a future for people bored? About 21 million people get bored at least once per day. 

According to experts boredom is characterized by wandering thoughts and not knowing what to do.  The findings come from a study of around 10,000 people. An expert team found that those who started playing U-Play Online's games everyday were happy and creative. The researchers involved drew that the only way to overcome the boredom and get the most from our free time is playing games developed by U-Play Online

After several years of research, the cure was just at U-Play Online. Don’t you think so? There is only one way to check if these free-to-play games are the best cure for your boredom moments, download and PLAY them!

Over 5 million people around the world say goodbye to boredom thanks to U-Play Online's treatment 

Where can you find this boredom treatment?

Surely you have heard about the Striker Soccer Saga, Train Crisis and Swipe Basketball. All these games are available for Android and iOS. The treatment is free, all you need is to download them in your mobile device and play! Yes, they will cure your boredom and change your way to enjoy the summer time. Hours of entertainment guaranteed.

In order to reach as many people in need as possible, don't forget to share with your friends this great treatment. 

Striker Soccer: the Saga continues!

No limits! Only you and the ball...

According to sources close to the company, U-Play Online is preparing a new instalment of a football saga which already had over 12 million downloads in 3 years. We don't know the name yet, but it seems this new mobile game wants to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors: Striker Soccer London, Striker Soccer Eurocup, Striker Soccer 2 and Striker Soccer Brasil.

Thousands of fans are anxiously waiting this new instalment! Stay tuned! 

Hop on board and prove yourself!

Train Crisis, the best puzzle and addictive strategy game in full 3D environment. Let's see what you got!

The battle against boredom has started! Join us now! Do you dare?

Let's achieve 100% people safe playing games!


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