S3rgi, 27 june 2014, 13:23
Finallly! It is time to dispel your doubts about what will happen after the launch of the new Striker Manager.

When can I play the New Striker Manager?

From January 7th, we will send the beta version of the new Striker Manager to all users with Pack Manager. At this moment you will be able to join the beta version and discover the new features and interface of the game. Users without Pack Manager are going to access later.

In the new Striker Manager all users will begin from the very beginning, that is, you all will start with a new team and from the same division once the beta period is over.

What will happen to the Current Striker Manager?

The current Striker Manager will remain open for playing as usual. So there will be two separate online games in two different servers, one with the current Striker and another with the new Striker Manager. You can sign up in the new keeping your current username and password, then you can play both. Obviously, the current Striker Manager support and maintenance will continue as before.

What about the golden balls?

You can purchase golden balls in the current Striker Manager and use them to get advantages as before because the current server is not going to close.

To encourage you to try the new Striker manager, either in beta or when the final version comes out, all the golden balls purchased from this moment until the launch of the new Striker Manager will be accumulated in the new Striker Manager.
For example: If from now and during next months, you purchase 5,000 golden balls, when you sign up the new server you will get automatically the same amount you purchased in the current Striker. So you will have 5,000 golden balls to spend in the new version for free regardless of whether or not you've already spent them on current Striker Manager.

What about the Pack Manager?

The Pack Manager will be extended to the new version. If when the new Striker manager is launched, you already have, for example, three weeks of Pack Manager, this time will be automatically set in the new Striker Manager and you will be able to use the Pack on both servers at the same time. Once the Pack Manager expired in the current and the new Striker open, you will have to purchase the pack manager in each server individually if you want to enjoy it.

Can you wait until the new Striker Manager arrives on January? To alleviate the wait, here's a very interesting new video! Hope you enjoy it!

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Comments (17)

akleb, 22 october 2013, 12:59
old server will die eventually , its boring returning from 0, at least move old server team to the new one !
@S3rgi, 22 october 2013, 13:14
Hi akleb. The idea is to allow players to keep their teams in the current Striker (we'll take care of it!) and allow everyone start from zero in the new one. Regards
Jurgen Kloppy, 22 october 2013, 14:00
Do mean that in Div.5 where i am i would have the same team as a Div.1 :-(
@S3rgi, 22 october 2013, 14:04
Hi Jurgen Kloppy. In the new Striker, everybody will start in the same division. Regards
mister cap, 22 october 2013, 14:11
Why not the new SIM in actual game?
why not simply implemented these ones?

Agree with akleb, it is boring re started from 0.....
@S3rgi, 22 october 2013, 14:18
mister cap There are more changes than SIM or look & feel pointing that starting from zero is faster, safer and more stable than mixing up old and new things together. Makes sense.
monu, 22 october 2013, 15:20
may be its an interesting move. i just hope the new server doesnot kill the essence of this server
@S3rgi, 22 october 2013, 16:10
And monu, why not to improve it? Let's make it possible!
aleph44, 22 october 2013, 17:27
couple of questions:
- do non-pack managers get a chance at the beta of the new game before full launch?
- when will the full launch be?
monu, 22 october 2013, 19:09
beta is only for pack managers to set their formations and tactics right. but then it the players get reset so no unfair advantage in respect of the players

thats what i understand
Nicosig, 22 october 2013, 20:06
so if I want to go to the new server, but I already have an account, I can get in with that account but I have to start over with a new team, I understand you correctly?
@S3rgi, 22 october 2013, 23:11
That's right Nicosig. You will be able to play both servers if you want
GreenEggs, 25 october 2013, 16:40
When is the deadline for people to purchase Pack Manager if they want to participate in beta testing?
@S3rgi, 4 november 2013, 09:23
Hi GreenEggs,

You can buy it just one day before if you prefer. Regards
geokarlo, 18 december 2013, 02:28
Is there any News about the game?
Like Updates for the NEW STRIKER MANAGER.
Next Year is very near.
alexispapous, 21 january 2014, 16:22
When will the new game;;
lauredo, 1 march 2014, 06:44
We will still maintain our division right?Also our formation wil be intact
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