Train Crisis, the best puzzle & addictive strategy game now available from the Windows Store
U-Play Online is excited to bring you Train Crisis, the best puzzle game, for Windows Store!

When we launched Train Crisis for Android and iOS, we reached over 5 million downloads and a strong community growing fast. Our goal is to share our funny games with everyone, so we decided to work hard to bring Train Crisis to Windows store users around the world as quickly as possible. Now the application is available for PC users, coming soon for mobile devices.

Train Crisis is one of the best-rated games on Google Play and Apple Store according to our users. The release of Train Crisis on Windows Store is the first one we launched, but we are already preparing our best rated applications to Windows Store users.

Train Crisis offers all the features such as 7 Eras of rail-road history (Industrial Era, Far West Era, Modern Era and Future Era), spectacular High-definition 3D environments with many details, 168 challenging levels for players to conquer, interaction with several elements to get past the level: changing junctions; timed traffic lights; trap tunnels; transportation of money; ghost trains and parts of the track obstructed with rock and spectacular colorful graphics effects with explosions of trains and rocks.

Don't miss Train Crisis, play now in your PC: http://bit.ly/UI6fK0


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