oboka, 3 may 2016, 12:26
There are a lot of fans who have made some questions about the new upcoming hit of U-Play Online —Youtubers Life. As follows, you will see the most frequently asked questions about its gameplay:
Q: Little time left for the launch of Youtubers Life. Can you confirm the official launch date?
A: The game is under the last phase of development and we will soon be able announce the exact launching date. Youtubers Life is our most ambitious project and we want to put the final touches to the game to make an incredible experience not only for YouTube fans but for every videogame lover too.

Q: Will you be able to emulate PewDiePie or Michelle Phan in the game?
A: Both of them! There will be up to 5 different videoblogging categories: gaming, music, fashion, cuisine and lifestyle. Each category will have its own mechanics and you will have to turn yourself into an expert in that field to become successful. Besides, if you want to look like one of your idols in particular, there are many character building elements to mix so you can create your preferred avatar. If you want to, you can physically look like a famous star for sure!

Q: What’s the aim of the game?
A: The aim is determined by the player in a story which is continuosly adapted to his or her actions. Obviously, hardcore gamers will want to live in the biggest house of all, they will pursue mastering every videoblogging genre, and they will seek the highest income. You will be able to do all of that. However, other players may enjoy moderated virtual life conditions, keeping a faithful fan community or becoming a guru in a subject in particular. As we have said at the beginning, the goal we have drawn is to capture the experience of being a Youtuber and we believe that this is the real aim of the game, from the tough beginning of the career as a videoblogger, to the peak of their popularity.

Q: What are differences between the development of this game and other titles you have made in the past?
A: In spite of the fact that we have always been exaggerately self-demanding, in this case we have found an amazing challenge. The amount of workers who have taken part in Youtubers Life is significantly higher than with any other previous game productions. Actually, although this is not our longest development in terms of time investment, we have been making this game for more than a year so far, which is quite a lot. We have spent a lot of time locked up in the office and we are terribly excited about showing the game to everybody. We are conscious that we have something big in our hands which will be buzzed in the gaming market more than previous titles. For these reasons, our feelings and our enthusiasm are special.

Q: Is there a surprise within the game you can share?
A: We have been visited by some very popular characters because they want to have a cameo role in our game. Apart from that, gossip says that there’s a ghost in the game but we don’t now where you can find it.


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