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February 10, 2007


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Av. Meridiana 350 7C
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U-Play Online is an independent video game studio based in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 2009 and staffed by videogames and sports lovers, U-Play Online focuses on creative projects that combine classic playability values (management, runner, puzzle...) with the best of online gaming. They are creators of the superhit Youtubers Life (Steam, iOS and Android), the first and best youtuber simulator available on any electro, reaching the top 100 best sellers on Steam in 2016. The studio has also developed franchises such as Striker Manager, Striker Soccer, Swipe Basketball and Train Crisis, among other titles, which have been enjoyed by more than 50M users worldwide on multiple platforms (PC, iOS and Android).


Early history

We have many years of experience with on-line sports manager games and apps for smartphones and tablets. Our commitment to continuous innovation and evolution drives us to try new platforms like the new Android TV, Android Wear, Oculus Rift or Steam Sixense. Since March 2014 U-Play Online is top developer on Google Play. We have had many key partners over the years such as SAMSUNG, CHILLINGO, MOTO GP, NBA, EUROLEAGUE, MEDIASET and PRISA. Our hits include Striker Manager, Striker Soccer Brasil, The Match: Striker Soccer G11, Striker Soccer 2, Striker Soccer Eurocup, Striker Soccer London, Striker Soccer, Swipe Basketball, Train Crisis HD and Tadeo Jones: Train Crisis.



International Basketball Manager - Release Date: August 30th 2018 YouTube

Esports Life Launch Trailer YouTube

Youtubers Life Trailer YouTube

Greenlight Presentation YouTube


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